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GuildWars Videos from SoFs

This page feature a few videos from Servants of Fortuna. They are hosted by FileFront, a free and performant file host. To access the videos, click on the links below. Feel free to post feedback in our forum. Some of these videos are encoded in H.264 so you may need QuickTime 7 to play them.

Title:Servants of Fortuna
Format: QuickTime 7 (66MB) - Mirror
Format: WMV (67MB) - Mirror
Description: "The official video presentation of the Servants of Fortuna."
Creator: Quartet

Title: Earth Spike / Healing Ball
Format: WMV (27MB) - Mirror
Description: "Let's have fun in the Arena with an unusual build."
Creator: Royal

Title: Thom's Adventure's Episode 2 - mirror
Description: "This time I tried making the story from Thom's point of view. Are the henchmen really working for us because they want to?"
Creator: Quartet

Title: Thom's Adventures Episode 1 - mirror
Description: "My first ever machinima. I always wanted to try making one and this little story is something that all who have played with henchmen can relate to."
Creator: Quartet

Title: Temple of Ages Test - mirror
Description: "As a warmup for the guild video, I decided to try and make a short dramatic piece outside the Temple of Ages set to some music from Carmina Burana. Although the song and shots won't make it into the guild video, it definitely helped improve my editing and shot compositioning within the constraints of GW's interface."
Creator: Quartet