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So, you want to become a part of the SoF Alliance. There are a few things you should know first.

First and foremost, a bit of background on how the alliance was formed and the way it operates.
The Servants of Fortuna guild was established during beta, and has become an international gaming community nearing 100 members. You can find a formal write up on the creation and values of SoF here.

SoF created a sister guild named Servants of Fortuna: Victrix. SoF:V is a place where our members can engage in competitive PvP play. It was clear to us that many of our members had stopped playing casual GvG to preserve the ranking our more competitive players had achieved. We had great pride for breaking the top 100, not to mention the fact that a grab-eight-and-go team of occasional GvGers would not have so much fun facing teams in that bracket. Since we strive to be a place where all of our members can enjoy each and every part of the game, Victrix serves as a competitive outlet for the alliance.

Well, that covers SoF’s guilds, but wait there’s more!

Remember when I said we strive to be an international community where all of our members can enjoy all aspects of the game? SoF’s members are spread across all time zones. The A-Net guild cap may never have become a problem for SoF if we decided to stick to one or two time zones; 100 people who play roughly the same times every day: who could ask for more? While in a guild where close to half of the members are European, close to half of the members are North American, with more members scattered throughout the rest of the world, that hundred member cap can sneak up on you quickly. And while we are reaching our cap (coming closer each day in fact) it was clear that some of our members were lonelier than others. Our European friends have always had fewer members than our American friends. Our Eastern time zone player base is larger than our Pacific time zone player base, with that four hour gap many of our Pacific friends were left wanting for fellow guildies to play with in the late evenings.

With the release of Factions and the debut of alliances the SoF council started thinking, how can we make this work for us, getting our lonely players friends to group with while still maintaining the level of friendship, community, casual, mature play we have now.

We thought, "What we need to do is get a few small like-minded guilds to join us!" The trick was finding the right ones and figuring out how to work the logistics. We started looking for small European guilds; pvp-centric, pve-centric and balanced. We also started looking for Pacific-based guilds with the same criteria. We wanted to find people who were like us: friendly, mature, community-oriented, and most of all fun-loving!

Fortuna smiled upon us in the form of the Guardians of the Stars [GOTS], The Torrencians [Tor], and Defenders of Gods [DOG].

Guardians of the Stars is a European based guild, they are friendly, mature and a well-balanced group.

Originally Posted by Opal
Guardians of the Stars is a community focused guild started when Prophecies went live. While we do and enjoy casual PvP we are mostly a PvE orientated guild putting emphasis on giving a friendly, family atmosphered place for like-minded, mature players to play or learn Guild Wars. GOTS players are from all over Europe and enjoy the challenge and fun this game can give, be that PvE, PvP, build-design or community building. You can find out more about us through our Forum, GOTSwiki or just tune in to our GOTSchat to have a friendly chatter with us!

If you want to learn more about GOTS click here!

The Torrencians are a Pacific/ Mountain time zone based guild with both pvp and pve leanings, their members are also friendly mature good-hearted people.

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The Torrencians
Ever since the formation of our guild in June 2005, we have maintained a small, friendly, and casual atmosphere for gamers with a mature outlook. We enjoy competitive play and improving our skills, however our primary focus is to have fun. The majority of our members are adults who participate in both PvE and PvP.

If you want to learn more about Tor click here!

Defenders of Gods is a North-American based guild with a strong history of pve that is starting to get serious about pvp. Friendly, fun and generous is the name of their game.

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Defenders of Gods [DOG]
DOG is more than just a guild. We are a group of like-minded, mature gamers who enjoy helping and learning from each other. We are primarily a PvE guild, but are constantly honing our skills for the PvP aspects of GW. The DOG PvP Philosophy: DOGs boldly charge into the enemy (while they wonder why we left the flag in our base.) DOGs rampage among our foes (while they wonder why we're letting our Guild Lord die.) The DOG motto is, "We will triumph in the face of adversity... accidentally." [DOG] is primarily an Americas-based guild, with members across all US timezones.

If you want to learn more about DOG click here!

Hey, my guild is friendly, fun-loving, and mature! How can I get our guild into the SoF alliance?

Well that just about covers it.
If you have any questions please feel free to PM Alana, Crash Test or any of our FCA’s.